The E J W Gibb Memorial Trust

The Gibb Memorial Trust was founded in 1902 in memory of Elias John Wilkinson Gibb, a scholar who devoted his life to researching the history, literature, philosophy and religion of the Turks, Persians and Arabs. His particular interest was the poetry of Ottoman Turkey, the fruits of which were published, mostly posthumously, in the six-volume History of Ottoman Poetry. This has been reprinted several times and is available from the Trust.

The objectives of the Gibb Memorial Trust are to promote the study and advancement of the areas of Elias Gibb’s interest. This is done through the preparation of scholarly publications, and through the awarding of scholarships to researchers working in the field.

Gibb Trust News

Announcing the A. H. Morton Scholarship for Doctoral Research in Classical Persian Studies

The Gibb Memorial Trust is pleased to announce an Annual Scholarship in memory of Alexander (Sandy) Morton for doctoral research in the area of classical Persian Studies.

Sandy Morton (1942-2011) worked at the British Museum and as Senior Lecturer in Persian at the London School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS). His interests ranged widely over the field, from glass weights and numismatics to Persian literature and the history of Iran from the Saljuqs to the Safavids. He was a long-standing Trustee of the Gibb Memorial Trust.

The award is for a maximum of £3,000 and can be applied to any year up to the final completion of a course of doctoral study at a British university, including for an approved period of study abroad; it will be paid at the start of the academic year in question, up to the submission of the dissertation.

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