The World of Murtada al-Zabidi

Biography & Memoir

Author: Stefan Reichmuth
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780906094600
Language: English
Hardback, 288p, H242 x W170 (mm) 8p col



Table of Contents
Introduction: Murtada al-Zabidi – A Muslim Humanist Scholar of the 12th/18th Century

1. From India to Cairo: Murtada al-Zabidi’s Life and Times
2. Zabidi’s Writings
3. Personal Network and Sentimental Memory: Zabidi’s Autobiographical Lexicon(Mu’jam)
4. The “Bridal Crown” (Taj al-‘arus) and its Vision of an Islamic Culture
5. The “Gift of the God-Fearing Sayyids” (It?af al-Sada al-muttaqin):

Prophetic Piety and Islamic Humanism

Murtada al-Zabidi was a Humanist scholar and a Muslim, whose twelfth-century writings are here examined in the context of their geographical and historical setting. The period when Zabidi was writing saw a shift in the balance of power from the Muslim empires to the Western world, reflected in the stories he told of his travels from India on to Cairo, across vast distances and coming across an extraordinary range of people. The five chapters in this work look at various aspects of Zabidi’s life and times, the first one focusing on his life and career and forms a background to studies of his work. The second looks at Zabidi’s writing and publishing and the third at his notes on his friends, teachers, students and acquaintances. Chapter four assesses his two largest works; his Arabic lexicon and his commentary on Gazzali’s Ihya . Finally, chapter five explores his second major literary achievement, his large commentary on Gazzali’s Ihya ulum al-din .