Chahar Maqalah (The Four Discourses) of Nidhámí al-Arúdi al-Samarqandí

History & Geography, Poetry & Literature

Author: Edward G. Browne
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780906094068
Language: Persian
Paperback 140p, H276 x W174 (mm) 



Written in the middle of the 12th century for a member of the Ghurid family of Bamiyan (in modern Afghanistan) the Four Discourses are concerned with four professions necessary at the Prince’s court, those of scribe, poet, astrologer and physician. After describing the natural qualities and training required for each of them, Nizami ‘Arudi relates anecdotes, mostly exemplifying the vicissitudes of life in the profession and the conditions that lead to success. The work is a particularly interesting and charming example of early ornamental prose in Persian. Edward G. Browne was a Former Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge.

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